Saturday, January 23, 2010

Orlando-Sanford FLA Airport Conducting Haiti Earthquake Relief Ops?

One of our regular contributors to this blog may have found another Florida airport contributing to the Haiti earthquake effort.

He found a frequency possibly in use as the Orlando-Sanford Airport TALCE freq.

129.075 Orlando-Sanford Airport Ops "SANFORD OPS" (also their company freq)

Freq was passed by Sanford tower to REACH 139A who was inbound looking for a contact freq. Have heard various REACH flights looking for the same thing since Sunday, so not positive this is the correct freq, if there is one.

REACH 139A self ID C-17, inbound 52 pax, 10 media, 9 crew. After landing tower advising 139A to do a ERO so aircraft can be repositioned due to parking issues.

Also had THOMPSON 805 with an in range call to SANFORD OPS.

As always more reports are always appreciated.