Friday, June 05, 2009

Army Announces Decision To Delay Inactivation of V Corps Headquarters

The Department of the Army announced today that Secretary of the Army Pete Geren has delayed the inactivation of the V Corps Headquarters and the conversion of U.S. Army Europe Headquarters into a deployable field army headquarters. A corps headquarters is the primary organization that synchronizes the operations of Army, joint, and coalition forces within its designated area of responsibility. This decision will allow time for the Army to assess its overall command and control requirements.

The decision is not tied to any other force structure or stationing issues. The one-year retention of V Corps Headquarters in Germany does not fall under the 2005 Base Closure and Realignment Commission, nor will it have any impact on the two heavy brigade combat teams currently stationed in Europe.

This action is part of a larger effort to relieve the extraordinary demands that are being placed on the Army’s corps headquarters and that have reduced ‘dwell time’ to unacceptably low levels. Geren’s decision calls for the delay of force structure actions for the V Corps and U.S. Army Europe Headquarters for a period of one year, from July 2009 to July 2010. Under this directive, both organizations will remain in their current approved designs and at current resourcing levels. V Corps

Headquarters will maintain its current military authorization of 411 personnel, and U.S. Army Europe Headquarters will retain its current military authorization of 377 personnel.

When the inactivation of V Corps was announced last year, certain staff sections were merged to create efficiencies as the inactivation date approached. The inactivation delay does not affect those mergers.

At this point, V Corps Headquarters will continue to provide oversight of its subordinate units, and will continue to report to the commanding general, U.S. Army Europe. V Corps’ priority function will be to ensure units that deploy from Europe for operational missions are trained and ready. Both V Corps and U.S. Army Europe Headquarters will continue to operate under their current structures.

The Army leadership is committed to informing all members of the U.S. Army Europe family (soldiers, family members, civilian employees, and the public) as developments occur.