Monday, June 08, 2009

Milair Frequency Changes - 6/8/2009

Time again for some more aero frequency changes, updates and corrections from the Milcom MP Quik-Stop . . .

118.4250 Dayton OH Approach/Departure Control

122.7250 Peter O Knight Airport (Tampa) FL CTAF freq

123.0500 McCreary County Airport (Pine Knot) KY CTAF freq

124.5000 Albuquerque ARTCC (ZAB) Winslow AZ RCAG, ex-124.4500

127.0500 Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County MI (KDTW) PRM Runway 4L/22R

128.3500 Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County MI (KDTW) PRM Runway 3R/21L

135.7750 Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County MI (KDTW) PRM Runway 4R/22L

225.4000 Oakland ARTCC (ZOA) Half Moon Bay CA RCAG Low Altitude, ex-380.3000

273.4500 Cleveland-Hopkins International OH (KCLE) Tower/Ground Control/Clearance Delivery

291.1000 Santa Barbara CA Approach/Departure Control, ex-397.9000

307.1250 Northern California Tracon Approach/Departure Control (151-359), ex-387.0000

346.3250 Cleveland OH Departure Control, ex A/D Control

352.0500 Dayton OH Approach/Departure Control

354.0250 Cleveland OH Approach Control, ex-346.325

355.6000 Oakland ARTCC (ZOA) Ferndale CA RCAG and Half Moon Bay CA RCAGLow/High Altitude, ex-387.1000. This also moves the ARCP freqs for the following Aerial Refueling Tracks: AR-005L (East/West) and AR-255L (East/West).