Saturday, June 13, 2009

Russian aviation crews carry out scheduled patrol missions

Following extract taken from the Russian Ministry of Defence website, date of extract 11 June 2009. Translated by "Old Crow."

Having taken off from Eastern Russia, two Long Range Aviation turbo-prop TU95MS strategic bombers yesterday successfully completed scheduled aerial patrol missions.

The route taken by the two aircraft was over international waters of the Northern Arctic Ocean and the crews developed experience in carrying out flights over featureless terrain. During the mission, the two aircraft were escorted by two NATO F-22 from airfields in Alaska and by two RCAF F-18.The duration of the TU95MS's flight was approximately 15 hours.

Long Range Aviation aircrews regularly carry out aerial patrol missions over neutral waters of the Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific Oceans and the Black Sea, flying from their home airfields and also from operational (deployment) airfields. Their training levels are enhanced by participating in such flights. In the course of the flights, a number of problems are experienced by the aircrews which develops their overall flight training.

All flights by the Air Force are carried out, and will continue to be carried out, with strict observance of the International rules for the use of air space over neutral waters without infringement of another nation's borders.