Saturday, June 27, 2009

St. Thomas 2009 Airshow Report

I would like to thank Cat Balue for the report below from the St. Thomas airport.

116.0000 used extensively by the Canadian Snow Birds. when regrouping with the main body of planes, they used this frequency.

122.2500 used by all aircraft at the show, very busy.

122.7000 St Thomas main airport frequency.

242.6000 used by Snow Birds when performing.

272.1000 used by the Snow Birds on the way to the airshow and used during their practice session.

Other frequency used by can identify who used them other than the planes must have been at the air show.

236.6000 266.3000

323.3000 used by Toronto Maple ( not familiar with the name but it involved about three F18's.

333.3000 also used by T.M. this is also a frequency, that I have listened to over the last year, it seems to be quite active. I find that this frequency is used a lot year round.

After the airshow some planes went back to thier respctive bases and this is what I heard.

225.7000 was used to hand off the Snow Birds from 135.6250 (Toronto Center)

294.5000 Hawk 11 was handed off to this frequency on another Toronto Center frequency.

135.3000 (294.5000 is also used year round)