Thursday, June 25, 2009

US Coast Guard District 7 HF Net

While doing a Monitoring Times First Look column test this morning on the Perseus SDR receiver, I monitored the weekly USCG D7 HF Net at 1300 on 7530.0 kHz. CAMSLANT Chesapeake is the NCS. All signal levels were strong and solid using the 350 foot longwire and my 80m full length G5RV.

I have been working on a new list of U.S. Government/Military HF radio nets that meet on a regular basis. If you have one to add, drop me a note at the email address in the masthead.

BTW - The Perseus is a sweet radio. I should have my test complete in the the September 2009 issue of MT for those who are interested. But I will say if you are looking for a capable, highend receiver and have a solid computer interface (I highly recommend a laptop vs a desktop with a conventional computer monitor), take a serious look at the Perseus. It handles HF duties quite well.