Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Russian Navy deploys for Exercise FRUKUS-2009

Following extract taken from the Russian Ministry of Defence website, date of extract 10 June 2009. Translated by "Old Crow."

Large AS ship of the Northern Fleet, Severomorsk has departed to participate in Exercise FRUKUS-2009.

Today, the Large Anti Submarine Ship of the Northern Fleet, Severomorsk left the fleet's main naval base and has put to sea. She set sail for the shores of France in order to participate in the multinational maritime exercises "FRUKUS-2009", which will take place during the period 22-26 June.

FRUKUS is an annual event involving the maritime forces of France, Great Britain, the United States and Russia. The current training will take place in the North-East Atlantic in the approaches to the French naval base of Brest. The scenario for the exercise will be directed against Piracy in the coastal area. The main mission of the exercise will be to develop and formulate joint activities within the context of multinational operational formation.

In addition to the Russian warship, the French destroyer "Tourville", the USN destroyer "Klakring"(sic), the RN destroyer "Duke of York" and NATO naval aviation assets will take part.