Thursday, January 14, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - Jan 13, 2010 - Charleston SC

Our good friend Mark Cleary down in Charleston, SC has passed along some logs, most of which are related to the disaster situation in Haiti. As I have point ed out in other post, the COTHEN Network is a major player in the US response.

[00:03:27][FRQ 07527000][TO ][LNT ][TIS][J29 ][AL0]
BER 25 SN 06 followed by JULIET 29 (MH-60J, CGAS Clearwater) airborne with 4 POB for training requests guard from CAMSLANT

0006Z 4038.5 NNN0EAF (FL) net control with NNN0BJX (FL) in USN/USMC
MARS Region 4 4C3B Florida Net

0008Z 4865.0 Link-11 data transmission

1234Z 4372.0 ANDVT

1240Z 5732.0 RESCUE 29 (MH-60J, CGAS Clearwater) position report to CAMSLANT. 26-25N 082-34W. Course 010M. Speed 90 knots

1256Z 4469.0 FLORIDA CAP 256 net control with FLORIDA CAP 44, 238, 432, GEORGIA CAP 41, SOUTHEAST CAP 43 in Florida CAP Net

1303Z 5171.0 Link-11 data transmission

1330Z 7527.0 CG 1719 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) p/p via SERVICE CENTER to District 7 Miami Ops with damage report from overflight of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Have taken video and photos

1349Z 9010.0 HALIFAX MILITARY wkg PATHFINDER 31 (CP-140) with Halifax, Greenwood and St. Johns WX

1402Z 8971.0 WAFER 71 (P-3C) and FIDDLE in comms with coded position NNBE North BEIS West

1426Z 8983.0 CG 2114 (HU-25, CGAS Miami) position report to CAMSLANT. 24-09N 076-30W

1459Z 7527.0 CG 6008 (MH-60J, CGAS Clearwater) airborne with 6 POB requests guard from PANTHER

1518Z 7527.0 PANTHER wkg HERK 19 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) regarding radio guard for CG 6039

1523Z 8983.0 CG 1719 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) ops normal report to CAMSLANT

1524Z 8983.0 CG 2102 (HU-25, CGAS Miami) en route to Haiti with position report to CAMSLANT

1535Z 11232.0 CANFORCE 2386 p/p via TRENTON MILITARY to WING OPS at Trenton. Wing Ops requests their write-ups and ETA. "We need your aircraft for Haiti."

1552Z 14265.0 Numerous amateur stations in SATERN Net for Haiti earthquake emergency. Request passed for information on a man in Haiti named Landesman. Man's sister would like information

1648Z 7527.0 NOVEMBER 07 (HC-144A, ATC Mobile) position report to CAMSLANT

1654Z 8983.0 CG 2305 (HC-144A, ATC Mobile) position report to CAMSLANT. 29-28N 088-03W

1659Z 5732.0 CG 1501 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) airborne with 8 POB en route Port-au-Prince requests guard from CAMSLANT

1705Z 5732.0 PANTHER wkg JULIET 39 (MH-60J). JULIET 39 is on their second Medevac from Haiti

1714Z 8971.0 WAFER 71A (P-3C) wkg FIDDLE regarding status of relief aircraft

1718Z 8971.0 TIGER ?91 radio check with WAFER 71A and No Joy clg FIDDLE

1722Z 9007.0 CANFORCE 2343 p/p via TRENTON MILITARY to WING OPS with ETA 2145Z to Port-au-Prince

1731Z 9025.0 CG 1500 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) p/p to District 7 Miami Ops with ETA to Providenciales Airport, Turks & Caicos

1829Z 11232.0 SENTRY 06 (E-3 AWACS) (in Sector 7) p/p via TRENTON MILITARY to DSN 884-5714 Tinker AFB Metro for WX

1836Z 7527.0 JULIET 29 MH-60J, CGAS Clearwater) position report to CAMSLANT. 28-32N 081-20W

1940Z 9007.0 CANFORCE 2343 p/p via TRENTON MILITARY to WING OPS. WING OPS passes 1345Z overhead damage assessment of Port-au-Prince. E/O imagery shows no structural damage to airfield or terminal. Electrical equipment not working. E/O imagery shows little to no damage to port facility. WING OPS estimates 10 aircraft en route with the same ETA. CANFORCE 2343 gets WX for Port-au-Prince, Homestead, Providenciales Airport, and Jags McCartney IAP

1945Z 9007.0 REACH 400 clg TRENTON MILITARY

1952Z 8337.6 ANDVT

2024Z 9007.0 CANFORCE 2343 p/p via TRENTON MILITARY to 613-XXX-XXXX for SITREP regarding deployment last night of 2 CH-146s from 430 Squadron at Cold Lake to Haiti. First 2 are yellow and follow on is green. Ground party needs SITREP for fuel and force protection needs

2223Z 7527.0 CG 1501 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) p/p to D7 Miami Ops. Still on deck Port-au-Prince with 40+ PAX on board and still loading. They are bringing PAX in vans at 10-20 at a time. They also report 2 USAF C-130s on deck and a Lynden Air Cargo C-130. Runway lights are working

2230Z 8983.0 CG 2305 (HC-144A, ATC Mobile) position report to CAMSLANT. 30-47N 087-50W

ALE addresses monitored on COTHEN: 004, 500, 501, 719, 720, CNT, D01, D46, D48, D49, D70, D95, EST, IKL, J01, J08, J25, J27, J29, J39, K15, K75, L06, LNT, MV4, OPB, PAC, RKN, T07, T91, TRC, TSC