Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Milcom Blog Logs - 10/29/2008 - Mid Atlantic

Here are some excellent HF intercepts sent to MMP by our Maryland Mid Atlantic reporter Ron Perron. Thanks for sharing that with our MMP readers.

All times are UTC and freqs are in kHz.

06911.5 KBDLNG (2/126th Avn, CT ArNG, Bradley International Airport CT): 2005 USB/ALE sounding.

08294.0 Herb (O/M EE): 2031 USB w/unid sailing vessel (O/M EE) passing wx forecast for next couple of days for North & South Carolina coastal areas as well as Bermuda.

08992.0 Andrews: 2343 USB w/28-character EAM (JL2FBD).

09106.0 KBPNNN (Navy/Marine MARS, Indiana): 1423 USB/ALE sounding.

09106.0 82KNY (National Communications System, Lenexa, KS): 1430 USB/ALE sounding.

09106.0 KNY58 (Naional Communications System, Gasden AL): 1445 USB/ALE sounding.

10821.0 KYAASF (Army Aviation Support Facility, KY ArNG Frankfort KY): 1915 USB/ALE sounding. Also sounding on 05880.0; 06911.5 & 09081.5 USB

11108.0 FC8FEM (Communications Manager, FEMA Region 8, Denver CO): 1520 USB/ALE sounding.

14396.5 NNN0VUV (USN/Marine MARS-Net Control): 1545 USB w/weekly SHARES Admin Net check-ins-AAR1DD (Army MARS-CT); AFA4?R (USAF MARS); WGY9498 (FEMA). More check-ins but net was weak and noisy.

16540.0 O/M (EE/Tagalog): 2012 USB calling vessel " Radian" w/no response.