Friday, October 31, 2008

Milcom Blog Logs - 10/30/2008 Mid Atlantic

Here are some excellent HF intercepts sent to MMP by our Maryland Mid Atlantic reporter Ron Perron. Thanks for sharing that with our MMP readers.

All times are UTC and freqs are in kHz.

05821.0 FC8FEM (Communications manager, FEMA Region 8, Denver CO): 1245 USB/ALE sounding.

06911.5 COROPS (unid US Army entity): 2200 USB/ALE sounding.

06911.5 KYAASF (Army Avn Support Facility KY ArNG Frankfort KY): 2230 USB/ALE calling aircraft # 156

07361.5 INDOPS (Indiana ArNG Shelbyville IN): 1730 USB/ALE sounding.

07361.5 T1Z137 (1-137th Avn, OH ArNG, Rickenbacker ANGB, Columbus, OH): 1745 USB/ALE sounding.

08181.5 JFHQME (Joint Force Hqs, ME ArNG, Camp Keyes, Augusta ME): 1430 USB/ALE sounding.

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