Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alabama Wing Voice Callsign

While prowling around the net this morning I came across this list of Civil Air Patrol Alabama Wing callsigns.

Goldenrod 1 Alabama Wing Commander
Goldenrod 2 Alabama Wing Vice Commander
Goldenrod 3 Alabama Wing Chief Of Staff
Goldenrod 4 Alabama Wing Director of Communications
Goldenrod 5 Alabama Wing Chaplain
Goldenrod 6 Alabama Wing Safety Officer
Goldenrod 7 Alabama Wing Cadet Programs Officer
Goldenrod 8 Alabama Wing Administrator
Goldenrod 9 Alabama Wing Medical Officer
Goldenrod 10 Alabama Wing Director of Operations
Goldenrod 11 Alabama Wing Communications Engineer
Goldenrod 12 Alabama Wing Standards and Evaluation Officer
Goldenrod 13 Alabama Wing Legal Officer
Goldenrod 14 Alabama Wing Maintenance Officer
Goldenrod 15 Alabama Wing Emergency Services Officer
Goldenrod 16 Alabama Wing Search and Rescue Officer
Goldenrod 17 Alabama Wing Alerting Officer
Goldenrod 18 Alabama Wing Public Affairs Officer
Goldenrod 19 Alabama Wing Director of Aerospace Education
Goldenrod 20 Alabama Wing Homeland Security Officer

Tactical call signs
Goldenrod 100-199 North Zone assets
Goldenrod 200-299 Central Zone assets
Goldenrod 300-399 South Zone assets
Goldenrod 400-400 Reserved
Goldenrod 500-599 Fixed / portable repeater / relay stations
Goldenrod 600-699 Subordinate Unit Headquarters
Goldenrod 700-799 Ground Vehicle assets
Goldenrod 800-899 Reserved
Goldenrod 900-999 ALE Capable HF/SSB

In the event the Wing is divided into groups, a fourth leading digit will be used to identifythe group.

Alabama Wing aircraft will use a 3 digit call in the format of CAP 1xx, with the last two digits determined by the aircraft tail number or assigned number in case of conflict. When deployed on actual search missions the call sign RESCUE CAP 1xx may be

Automatic Link Establishing radios will be issued call signs in accordance to the national digital call sign format. The form will be 09XXALCAP.