Thursday, March 10, 2011

E10 Mossad HF Numbers Stations - SK!

Our good friend Ary Boender is reporting on the UDXF newsgroup that after about 45 years, the well known Israeli Mossad numbers (Enigma E10) transmissions have disappeared from the HF spectrum. The stations have been silent since March 1st. Callsigns include YHF, CIO, VLB, etc.

According to the March 2011 E2K newsletter the night of Feb 28-Mar 1 was the last time a E10 transmission was logged. Despite intensive monitoring of all the current and previous known frequencies since, nothing has been heard.

So where has this activity moved to? Satellite? Landlines? Has the E10 transmissions gone digital? Is the E2K editorial staff theory that the extra traffic that has been observed over in Europe on the HEW ALE network related? There just is no way to know at this time.

But I can say that this is truly an end of an era. I still remember all the legwork that Havana Moon and others did many years ago to confirm the locations of these transmissions and the originating agency - the Israel Mossad.

E10 transmissions SK!