Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Milcom VHF/UHF Frequency Changes

From our friend in central Florida, thanks Jack.

KHOP Fort Campbell, KY: Shoc Pad frequency 237.600 MHz

KHLR Fort Hood, TX: Longhorn ATC Tower 38.900 143.000 237.500 MHz

ZJX Jacksonville ARTCC Alma RCAG, GA (AMG): 127.575/269.025 MHz (ex-132.300/290.400 MHz)

KMUO Mountain Home AFB, ID: 341.8 PTD, 324.1/372.25 Metro, and Departure Control 371.85 MHz

KIAG Niagara Falls International, NY:
371.250 (Callsign Horseshoe) and 261.900 (Callsign Fuzzy) now decomissioned.
371.250 is now an exculsive USN/USMC nationwide assignment and 261.900 is an exclusive milsat downlink assignment under the new 225-400 Mhz bandplan. Aircrews are now suppose to contact Niagara on 340.025 (Callsign Carbonate).

KTIK Tinker AFB, OK: VHF/UHF Oklahoma City approach frequencies
120.450/288.325 and 124.200/336.400,