Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Russian Space Surveillance Sourcebook Released

Are you interested in the Russian military space surveillance programs?

If so, then you need to download a new set of PDF publications from the FAS website authored by Allen Thomson.

You can learn more about the Okno and Krona systems from the PDF document link that follows: Okno and Krona

And if you are interesting in the Russian Altay Optical Laser Center then click on the link that follows: Altay Optical Center

Pavel Podvig on the Russian strategic nuclear forces blog is reporting the following about a new X-band facility in Russia.

"Another news related to space surveillance facilities is a report about a new X-band radar space monitoring facility that is constructed near Nakhodka in the Far East. According to Vladimir Popovkin, this facility, which is similar to Krona system deployed near Zelenchukskaya, will begin operations in 2008."