Thursday, February 21, 2008

Possible USA 193 Debris Observed at Prince George BC

Via Eric Briggs and the SEESAT-L newsgroup - A message posted on the mailing list of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada says in part:

"at approx. 19:43 PDT while observing the lunar eclipse at the PGAO (53 45' 29" N 122 50' 56" W) a group of >about 30 people, PG Centre members and public, witnessed what we assume was the demise of the spy satellite USA 193.

"Many debris trails were witnessed moving from south-west to north-east at high altitude. One was especially >bright and long lasting. I can recall about 6 bright trails and 15 fainter ones.

"The debris trails seemed to come in "waves" with the first wave being brighter than the debris that followed >behind it. The trails seemed to be in a fan shape with the trails being wider apart in the north-east than they >were in the south-est."

Brian Battersby, Prince George Centre RASC