Wednesday, February 20, 2008

USA 193 Shoot Down for Today Probably Cancelled

Several news agencies are reporting that the attempt to shoot down USA 193 by the US Navy has been postponed for today due to bad weather (high seas) in the operations area. The next attempt could occur tommorrow evening (see my

And a new NOTAM has been issued for a possible shoot down on Friday. Here is that NOTAM:

02/075 (A0041/08) - AIRSPACE CARF NR. 93 ON EVELYN STATIONARY RESERVATION WITHIN AN AREA BNDD BY 3145N/17012W 2824N/16642W 2352N/16317W 1909N/16129W 1241N/16129W 1239N/16532W 1842N/17057W 2031N/17230W 2703N/17206W SFC-UNL. 23 FEB 02:30 2008 UNTIL 23 FEB 05:00 2008. CREATED: 20FEB 14:21 2008

One insider says that DoD has a ten day period (which opened today) in which to get this job done. There is basically one shooting window a day they can use. More are available, but the others are not good for debris containment.