Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aircraft Carrier Air-Wing Assignments and Composition Report - Update

There are many sites that list the material below. Most are out of date. Here is the latest information as of 8/14/2007. Thanks to Adam, Greg and Mac for their updates.

CVW-1 LANT USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
AB 100 VFA-211 F/A-18F Fighting Checkmates
AB 200 VMFA-251 F/A-18C Thunderbolts
AB 300 VFA-136 F/A-18C Knighthawks
AB 400 VFA-86 F/A-18C Sidewinders (transitioning to F/A-18E this FY)
AB 500 VAQ-137 EA-6B Rooks
AB 600 VAW-123 E-2C Screwtops
AB 610 HS-11 HH-60H/SH6-F Dragonslayers
AB ### VRC-40 Det 2 C-2A Rawhides

CVW-2 PAC USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)
NE 100 VFA-2 F/A-18F Bounty Hunters
NE 200 VFA-137 F/A-18E Kestrels
NE 300 VFA-151 F/A-18C Vigilantes
NE 400 VFA-34 F/A-18C Blue Blasters
NE 500 VAQ-131 EA-6B Lancers
NE 600 VAW-116 E-2C Sun Kings
NE 610 HS-2 HH-60H/SH-60F Golden Falcons
NE 700 HSL-47 SH-60B Saberhawks
NE ### VRC-30 Det 2 C-2A Providers

CVW-3 LANT USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75)
AC 100 VFA-11 F/A-18F Red Rippers
AC 200 VFA-32 F/A-18F Swordsmen
AC 300 VFA-37 F/A-18C Bulls
AC 400 VFA-105 F/A-18E Gunslingers
AC 500 VAQ-130 EA-6B Zappers
AC 600 VAW-126 E-2C Seahawks
AC 610 HS-7 HH-60F/SH–60F Dusty Dogs
AC ### VRC-40 Det 5 C-2A Rawhides

CVW-5 PAC USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
NF 100 VFA-102 F/A-18F Diamondbacks
NF 200 VFA-27 F/A-18E Royal Maces
NF 300 VFA-192 F/A-18C Golden Dragons
NF 400 VFA-195 F/A-18C Dambusters
NF 500 VAQ-136 EA-6B Gauntlets
NF 600 VAW-115 E-2C Liberty Bells
NF 610 HS-14 HH-60F/SH–60F Chargers
NF ### VRC-30 Det 5 C-2A Providers

CVW-7 LANT USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69)
AG 100 VFA-143 F/A-18E Pukin' Dogs
AG 200 VFA-103 F/A-18F Jolly Rogers
AG 300 VFA-83 F/A-18C Golden Warriors
AG 400 VFA-131 F/A-18C Wildcats
AG 500 VAQ-140 EA-6B Patriots
AG 600 VAW-125 E-2C Tigertails
AG 610 HS-5 HH-60F/SH–60F Night Dippers
AG ### VRC-40 Det 3 C-2A Rawhides

CVW-8 LANT USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
AJ 100 VFA-31 F/A-18E Tomcatters
AJ 200 VFA-213 F/A-18F Blacklions
AJ 300 VFA-15 F/A-18C Valions
AJ 400 VFA-87 F/A-18A+ Golden Warriors
AJ 500 VAQ-141 EA-6B Shadowhawks
AJ 600 VAW-124 E-2C Bear Aces
AJ 610 HS-3 HH-60H/SH-60H Tridents
AJ ### VRC-40 Det 1 C-2A Rawhides

CVW-9 PAC USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74)
NG 100 VFA-154 F/A-18F Black Knights
NG 200 VMFA-323 F/A-18C Death Rattlers
NG 300 VFA-146 F/A-18C Blue Diamonds
NG 400 VFA-147 F/A-18C Argonauts
NG 500 VAQ-138 EA-6B Yellow Jackets
NG 600 VAW-112 E-2C Golden Hawks
NG 610 HS-8 HH-60F/SH–60F Eightballers
NG 700 VS-31 S-3B Topcats
NG ### VRC-30 Det 4 C-2A Providers

CVW-11 PAC USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
NH 100 VFA-41 F/A-18F Black Aces
NH 200 VFA-14 F/A-18E Tophatters
NH 300 VMFA-232 F/A-18A+ Red Devils
NH 400 VFA-81 F/A-18C Sunliners
NH 500 VAQ-135 EA-6B Black Ravens
NH 600 VAW-117 E-2C Knighthawls (sometimes known as the Wallbangers)
NH 610 HS-6 HH-60F/SH–60F Indians
NH ### VRC-30 Det 3 C-2A Providers

CVW-14 PAC USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)
NK 100 VFA-22 F/A-18E/F/A-18F Fighting Red Cocks (Surge deployed with two Super Hornets)
NK 200 VFA-115 F/A-18E Eagles
NK 300 VFA-113 F/A-18C Stingers
NK 400 VFA-25 F/A-18C Fist of the Fleet
NK 500 VAQ-139 EA-6B Cougars
NK 600 VAW-113 E-2C Black Hawks
NK 610 HS-4 HH-60F/SH–60F Black Knights
NK ### VRC-30 Det 1 C-2A Providers

CVW-17 LANT USS George Washington (CVN-73)
AA 500 VAQ-132 EA-6B Scorpions
AA 600 VAW-121 E-2C Bluetails
AA 610 HS-15 HH-60F/SH–60F Red Lions
AA 700 VS-22 S-3B Checkmates
AA ### VRC-40 Det 4 C-2A Rawhides

CVWR-20 Reserve CAG
Naval Reserve Air-wing CVWR-20 based at NAS Atlanta, Marietta, GA. CVWR-20 is not assigned a VS squadron. During exercises or time of war, an active duty squadron would join the wing. VAW-77 is officially attached to CVWR-20. However, her mission is strictly drug enforcement and does not include any type of carrier operations. VFC-12 and VFC-13 are Naval Reserve adversary squadrons designed to train Navy pilots to fight different modern foreign fighters that may be on the other side in a war. They are considered non-deployable. The two squadrons replaced the active duty "Aggressor" squadrons VF-43, VF-45 and VF-126.

AF 400 VFA-204 F/A-18A+ River Rattlers
AF 500 VAQ-209 EA-6B Star Warriors
AF 600 VAW-77 E-2C Nightwolves
AF 610 HS-75 SH–60F Emerald Knights (disestablished March 1, 2007)
AF ## VFC-111 F-5F/N Sundowners
AF ## VFC-12 F/A-18C Fighting Omars (C model came from VFA-87)
AF ## VFC-13 F-5E/F/N Saints

Unit Deployment Program (UDP)
VFA-94* F/A-18C Mighty Shrikes
VFA-97* F/A-18A War Hawks
* VFA-94 and VFA-97 are attached to the Marine Corps under the Unit Deployment Program (UDP).