Thursday, August 30, 2007

New DoD FLIPs Available - Last Public Downloads

Several new DoD FLIPS are available today (August 30)

The latest version of AP-1/1a/1b (Planning documents for North and South America), AP-3A Special Use Air Space Pacific-Australia-Antarctica, the Caribbean/South America Enroute Supplement, and the US IFR Enroute Supplement are available for download at

This will be the last publically available editions of these DoD publications ever. The NGA Aeronautical Information (USFIF and FLIP Products) hosted on the Web site above will be removed on 1 October 2007. Access to NGA's Aeronautical Information on NGA's unclassified Web sites will be through the NGA NIPRNet Web site. The NGA NIPRNet site, in accordance with a number of DoD directives, is Public Key Enabled (PKE); meaning that the site is encrypted using the DoD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Dont delay since it is going away.