Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pacific Rim Air Force HF Frequency Update

New information has been uncovered on three of the Pacific rim air force HF communications systems. Additional frequencies are known to be associated with these networks and updates would be appreciated.

Australian Defense Force HF Communications System
The ADF HFCS radio network provides communication services for the operational control of ADF and RNZAF aircraft and HF equipped marine craft. The DCSA HFCS is controlled by Defence Communications Station Australia (DCSA) located in Canberra.
The DCSA HFCS consists of four Nodes located at Exmouth, WA; Darwin, NT; Townsville, QLD; and Riverina, NSW.

Voice Contact Nets (VCN) Operations are continuous on all frequencies and in the USB mode.

Callsign: Australia Control (DCSA)

5696.0 Military Distress (monitoring H24)
5878.0 VCN-2
9340.0 VCN-3
12172.0 VCN-5
15962.0 VCN-4
22868.0 VCN-1

Papua New Guinea Defense Force General Purpose Net

3175.0 LGF
5746.0 LGG
7496.0 LGH

P2A2 Port Moresby
P2A3 Lae

RNZAF Air Operations Communications Centre Auckland (AOCCAK)
AOCCAK is a providing HF communications services to RNZAF, RAAF and other allied aircraft. AOCC Auckland is located at RNZAF Whenuapai, Auckland, New Zealand.

AOCCAK General Purpose Net (GPN) frequencies (USB):
3032.0 5687.0 8974.0 11235.0 13206.0

AOCCAK Air Force Auckland