Saturday, August 04, 2007

Multinational Naval Training in the Black Sea

Following extract taken from the pages of the Russian MOD daily "Red Star"; translated and submitted for the MT Milcom blog by the "Old Crow." Date of article is 4 August 2007.

Multinational tactical training by naval forces of the countries of the Black Sea region will take place within the boundaries of the Black Sea. Russia will be represented by the Large Landing Ship "Azov," the Ukraine by the Command Ship "Slavutin," Bulgaria by the corvette "Smeli," Turkey by the Frigate "Salikhrej" and Romania by the corvette "Machelario."

All of the above ships are currently located in the Turkish Naval Base of Sel'dzhuk, where they are to remain until the 7th August. The crews are completing inport preparations, including communications procedure training and are participating in a number of cultural events including visiting the various ships of the participating nations. They are also preparing for the transfer of the ships to the Black Sea Force command authority. The main aim of the training, in which up to 1200 personnel of the various nations will take part, is the development of cooperation between naval units of the countries of the Black Sea area. It is planned that the formation will undertake Air Defense, Anti-Missile and Anti-Submarine evolutions, will exercise control over Civil Shipping and Civil Aircraft movements, tactical manoevring activity and the rendering of assistance to shipping in distress.