Friday, October 09, 2009

Interesting EAM ttraffic monitored on west coast last night

One of the top milcom monitors on the west coast, Matt Cawby in Washington, picked up some interesting Emergency Action Message (EAM) traffic late last night PDT and posted it to the Milcom list.

On 6739.0 kHz at 0530z, Andrews broadcast a 20-character EAM for Region Alpha, then followed with two 6-character EAMs, and a 20-character EAM for Region Bravo and Region Charlie.

A close friend of this blog Jeff Haverlah out in Houston earlier in the evening reported:

"15016.0 kHz was active at 0130z with EXTENSION (weak/fair levels here) broadcasting a 28-character EAM (Preamble-67L6BR) and simulcasting same on at least 11175.0 kHz (good levels) with nothing heard on 8992.0 or 4724.0 kHz."

Back on 29 Sep 2009 at 0521z a 6-character EAM was broadcast for Region Alpha.

Now do any of my readers here have some background on these regions that these EAMs are aimed for? If you know, and want to remain anonymous, drop me an email at n5fpw at brmemc dot net.

Also if you have monitored an EAM I would like to know about it. The minimum reporting requirements I am looking for are the start time (UTC), frequency / frequencies, the six character preamble, how many characters total (including premable) were broadcast and which station or unit transmitted the EAM.

Any help from our worldwide readers is sincerely appreciated and will be summarized here on this blog. Same email address as above will work for these reports as well.