Monday, October 12, 2009

Japanese Self Defense Force (自衛隊) HF Net

I had an email query from a HF Milcom monitor over the weekend asking me about the Japanese language comms on 6727.0 kHz USB. They believed it might be military in nature.

That is a very good catch and it is a Japanese military net. In fact, this net has been around 1973. It is a frequency used by the Japanese Self Defense Force (自衛隊, Jieitai), Air Traffic Control Squadron 1. This unit is located at the Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture and controls SDF and MSDF aircraft offshore of the islands to Hawaii and south to the equator. Shore station operators are primary YL (female) ops and use the callsign "Atsugioshanikku." Primary traffic is weather information and position reporting. And now you know the rest of the story.

While I am on the subject of the Japanese Self Defense Forces, I have been doing some extra searching around and here are some JSDF Air Defense group callsigns that I have dug up. I could use so help filling in the holes in the list below and the frequencies used by these units so feel free to contact me at the email address in the masthead.

Northern Air Defense Control Group
HEAD WORK Northern Air Defense Control Group - Misawa, Aomori Prefecture, DC 北部防空管制群 (青森県三沢DC)
KEY HOLE 18 Warning Group - Wakkanai, Hokkaido SS 第18警戒群(北海道稚内SS)
DIVER 26 Warning Group - Nemuro, Hokkaido SS 第26警戒群(北海道根室SS)
HARNESS 28 Warning Group - Abashiri, Hokkaido SS 第28警戒群(北海道網走SS)
LAMINATE 29 Warning Group - Okushiri Hokkaido SS 第29警戒群(北海道奥尻SS)
NAME PLATE 33 Warning Group - Akita Prefectural Kamo SS 第33警戒群(秋田県加茂SS)
BACK GROUND 36 Warning Group - Erimo Hokkaido SS 第36警戒群(北海道えりもSS)
ZIP GUN 37 Warning Group - Yamada, Iwate 第37警戒群(岩手県山田SS)
JACK KNIFE 42 Warning Group - Ominato Aomori 第42警戒群(青森県大湊SS)
QUICK SAND 45 Warning Group - Toubetsu Hokkaido 第45警戒群(北海道当別SS)

Central Air Defense Control Group
OFF SIDE Central Air Defense Control Group - Iruma, Saitama, DC 中部防空管制群(埼玉県入間DC)
TEA BAG 1 Group (Vigilance) (MIE笠取山SS ) 第1警戒群(三重県笠取山SS)
GOOD MAN 5 Warning Group - Kushimoto, Wakayama Prefecture 第5警戒群(和歌山県串本SS)
YARD ARM 22 Warning - Omaezaki, Shizuoka 第22警戒群(静岡県御前崎SS)
MASCOT 23 Warning Group - Wajima, Ishikawa SS 第23警戒群(石川県輪島SS)
CATS EYE 27 Warning - 大滝根山Fukushima 第27警戒群(福島県大滝根山SS)
EAST WOOD 35 Warning - via Kensington Kyoto Qi SS 第35警戒群(京都府経ケ崎SS)
FREE STONE 44 Warning - Okayama Mine棄県1000 SS 第44警戒群(千棄県峯岡山SS)
ABLE GATE 46 Warning - Sado new渇県SS 第46警戒群(新渇県佐渡SS)

Western Air Defense Control Group
DIALECT Western Air Defense Control Group (Kasuga, Fukuoka Prefecture, DC) 西部防空管制群(福岡県春日DC)
PIPE ORGAN 7 Group (Caution) - Shimane Prefecture Mt SS 第7警戒群(島根県高尾山SS)
I-BEAM 9 Group (Guard) - Island, Kagoshima Shimokoshiki SS 第9警戒群(鹿児島下甑島SS)
SHORT STOP 13 Warning Group - Hatakeyama Takashi Miyazaki 第13警戒群(宮崎県高畑山SS)
UNIPED 15 Warning Group - Fukue Island, Nagasaki Prefecture, SS 第15警戒群(長崎県福江島SS)
VENTURE 17 Warning Group - Mishima, Yamaguchi Prefecture 第17警戒群(山口県見島SS)
RACKET 19 Warning Group - Awashima Sea Nagasaki 第19警戒群(長崎県海粟島SS)
WATCH MAN Warning Group - Mountain Sefuri Saga SS 第43警戒群(佐賀県背振山SS)

Southwest Air Defense Control Group
ROAD RICK Southwest Air Defense Control Group - Naha, Okinawa DC 南西防空管制群(沖縄県那覇DC)
PYRAMID FURUSHIMA 53 Warning Group - Okinawa Prefecture Government SS )第53警戒群(沖縄県官古島SS
HARRIER 54 Warning Group - Island in Okinawa SS 第54警戒群(沖縄県久米島SS)
READ MIT 55 Warning Group - Okinoerabu Island, Okinawa Prefecture, SS 第55警戒群(沖縄県沖永良部島SS
ZEPPELIN 56 Warning Group - Mt Yoza Okinawa 第56警戒群(沖縄県与座岳SS)