Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Milcom Blog Logs - Oct 19, 2009 - Mid Atlantic

Our good friend and MMP reporter Ron in Maryland checks back in with another edition of Milcom Blog Logs from the mid-Atlantic area. Thanks Ron.

ACY-Atlantic City NJ
ADW- Andrews AFB MD
BW- Bay Watch-NAS PAX Area Advisory Control
DAA- Davison AAF, Ft Belvoir VA
DCA- Reagan National Airport/CGAS Washington, Wash DC
GK- Giantkiller (FACSFAC, Virginia Capes)
LFI- Langley AFB VA
MTN-Martin State Airport, Baltimore
NGTF-Northrop-Grumman Test Facility, Baltimore
NXX- Willow Grove JRB PA
PAX-NAS Patuxent River MD
PTC- Potomac Area TRACON
ZDC- Washington ARTCC

1. VHF/UHF: ((Times are EDT))

0755- Biscayne 214 (B-737-800, foreign accent pilot)-depart ADW the w/ZDC Calvert (133.9)-per Flightaware bound for NAS Guantanamo Bay.

0809- Navy 557 (UC-12)-land at DAA (126.3)

0812- Nacy 501 (UC-12, 7A1501, Base Flt PAX)-land ay PAX (120.05). Departs PAX again at 1309.

1202- Reach 366T-land at DOV (125.9). Mentions there is C-5 in DOV pattern.

1203- Mover 11 (KC10, McGuire AFB NJ) -check in w/GK (118.125) for entry into AR636 for work w/Backy 11 (KC-135R 77th ARS SEYMOUR JOHNSON AFB, NC). Also w/ZDC Cape Charles (132.55).

1301- Deuce 71 (id as # 88-4406,KC-10A 76/78th ARS AFRC McGuire AFB NJ)-w/WRI CP (134.1) w/inbound msg.

1303- DeeCee 11 (KC-135R, 756th ARS ADW)-patterns at ADW.

1303- Opec 13 (KC-10A 2nd/32nd ARS MCGUIRE AFB NJ)-check into AR 636 (118.125).

1304- Reach 332T-w/Griffin CP (378.1)

1305- Venus 42 (VC-37 # 99-0402, 99th AS ADW)-patterns at ADW. At 1316 advises Griffin Cp they are departing ADW and will be gone for 3.5 hours.

1323- Sunny 313 (UC-12B MCAS Beaufort SC)-w/Griffin CP (141.55) w/inbound msg.

1324- Mazda 61 (id as 6 X F-16s, Shaw AFB SC)-w/DOV CP (134.1) position is 50 nms west of DOV & requesting current wx at Shaw AFB. At 1339 w/LFI CP (251.25) requesting current wx at Shaw.

1341- Navy JR 151 (C-20G, VR-48 ADW)-land at ADW.